Can You Use Wise in Skopje, Macedonia? (All You Need to Know)

As you embark on your journey to and through beautiful Macedonia, managing your finances efficiently becomes an essential part of the experience.

In this digital age, Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) offers a modern solution to your financial needs.

This guide is designed to help you, the traveler, understand how to make the most of Wise during your stay in Skopje and the broader Macedonian landscape.

Can you use your Wise in Skopje (and in Macedonia)?

Yes, you can. You’ll be pleased to know Wise is fully operational here.

However, given Wise does not support the local Macedonian denar (MKD), it’s best to focus on widely accepted currencies like the Euro or the US Dollar.

can you use wise in skopje

Is Wise Available in Skopje (& Macedonia)?

As you explore the charming streets of Skopje or venture into the wider regions of Macedonia, you’ll be pleased to know your green Wise card will not let you down.

This is a game-changer for managing your financial transactions with ease during your travels.

With Wise, whilst in Macedonia, you can effortlessly spend your balance, send money back home, receive funds from abroad, maintain a balance in a stable currency (and use the convenient Wise card for your shopping sprees).

If you don’t yet have a Wise account; next up I’ll walk you through setting up a Wise account, emphasizing the steps and considerations specifically relevant to you as a tourist in Macedonia.

How to Create (& Set up) Your Wise Account

Setting up a Wise account is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can get started:

Visit Wise’s Website or App: Start by visiting the Wise website or downloading their app. This is your first step to entering the world of convenient money management.

Sign-Up Process: You’ll need to sign up using your email. Select your resident country and your preferred transaction currency. Considering the non-support for MKD by Wise, choosing EUR or USD is a wise decision (LOL).

Providing Personal Information: As part of the registration, you’ll be asked to provide some personal details. Be thorough and accurate – this is crucial for the verification process.

Identity Verification: To comply with financial regulations, Wise requires you to verify your identity. This step is straightforward but important for ensuring the security and legitimacy of your transactions.

Linking a Bank Account or Credit Card: Finally, link your bank account or credit card to your Wise account. This linkage is key to funding your account and getting started with your financial activities in Macedonia.

That should be it. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of using Wise in Skopje and other destinations.

The Benefits of Using Wise in Skopje

the benefits of using wise in skopje macedonia

Wise offers several advantages for tourists visiting Skopje, making it a preferred choice for managing finances while traveling.

Here’s a closer look at these benefits:

Low Transaction Fees:

Wise is known for its low fees on international transactions, offering a cost-effective alternative compared to traditional banks.

This is particularly advantageous for tourists who may need to perform multiple transactions during their stay.

Competitive Exchange Rates:

Utilizing the mid-market exchange rate, Wise ensures you get a better deal on currency conversions compared to many banks.

This is crucial when converting to Euros or US Dollars, given the non-support for MKD by Wise.

Fast Transfers:

The service prides itself on quick money transfers, a vital feature for tourists who often require prompt financial transactions.

Widespread Acceptance:

Since the Wise card is a Visa card, it’s accepted almost everywhere, giving you the flexibility to use it in a vast array of shops, restaurants, and ATMs throughout Skopje and beyond.

Easy Management via the Wise App:

the wise app
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With the Wise app, you can manage your finances on the go.

This feature is incredibly useful for tourists, allowing for easy tracking of expenditures, checking balances, and making instant transfers, all from your smartphone.

These benefits collectively enhance your financial management experience in Skopje.

However, it’s also important to consider certain limitations when using Wise in Macedonia.

In the next section, I’ll delve into these potential limitations to give you a well-rounded understanding of what to expect with Wise.

Some Potential Limitations of Using Wise in Skopje

While Wise offers many advantages for tourists in Skopje, it’s important to be aware of a few limitations:

Currency Restrictions: Wise does not support the Macedonian denar (MKD). As a tourist, it’s advisable to manage your finances in widely accepted currencies like EUR or USD.

ATM Access: While the Wise Visa card is widely accepted, you may encounter limitations or fees at certain ATMs. It’s a good idea to check this in advance.

Transaction Types: Some specific transaction types might be restricted, so it’s recommended to review Wise’s terms and conditions for any limitations that might affect you.

These limitations are important to keep in mind to ensure a smooth financial experience in Skopje.

Final Considerations for Tourists Using Wise in Skopje

As a tourist using Wise in Skopje, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind for a seamless experience:

Bank Transfer Delays: Sometimes, bank transfers may take longer due to the local banking systems. It’s best to plan your financial transactions accordingly.

Payment Options: While Wise offers various payment methods, be aware that some e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller might not be available in Macedonia.

Use Wise App for On-the-Go Management: The Wise app is a handy tool for managing your finances. Use it to track your spending, check balances, and make instant transfers.

These considerations will help you navigate the local financial landscape more effectively while using Wise in Skopje.

Bonus: Does Revolut Work in Macedonia?

Yes, Revolut works in Macedonia, including Skopje.

At the time of writing, it is still not available for residents of Macedonia, but tourists can use their Revolut cards without issues.

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